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How I deal with Depression and Anxiety

I am writing this story in the hopes of it in some small way helping anyone in need. One day a woman contacted me asking how my life is so perfect and how I do it all. She was a single mother of 2 struggling with a bad break up and the ensuing depression. It b...

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Weekend BBQ chicken

This summer was the first one that I owned an actual bbq yet had no man to helm it. Usually, the whole shebang goes something like this: I spend hours preparing the food while the guy drinks beer, then once I'm done, he fires up the bbq puts everything on ...

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Why We Need Men Now More Than Ever

Oh boy was it hard getting around to writing this essay! It’s said procrastination is the plague of the perfectionist but this was something else- I literally Marie Kondo-ed my entire house before I could even look at my computer, since last time I implied...

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Scampi pasta with a side of extra

https://vimeo.com/307425615 Sometimes in life, it's fun to be a little bit extra but with the holidays fast approaching, I'm taking it up several notches. Welcome to my old kitchen where this video was shot amidst amazing gowns, accessories and food in one wh...

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